Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dinner Features May 31

Montréal Grilled Pork Chops
Boneless pork chops grilled with Montréal seasonings and topped with a burgundy portobello sauce, served with potato salad   

Chipotle Chicken
Boneless chicken breast sautéed with fresh spinach, tomatoes, peppers and onions in a garlic sherry chipotle sauce, served over pasta and dusted with asiago cheese         

Walnut Jerk Crust Chicken Salad
Boneless grilled chicken breast pan seared with a walnut jerk crust, presented over wild greens with vine ripe tomatoes, oranges, dried cranberries, strawberries and fresh mozzarella cheese, served with a side of strawberry basil vinaigrette

Seafood Fra Diablo
Deep sea scallops, chopped clams, surimi crabmeat and fresh mussels sautéed with peppers, onions, tomatoes and jalapeños in a spicy white wine marinara sauce, served over pasta

Curry Mango Shrimp
Jumbo shrimp sautéed with fresh mango, apples, broccoli, roasted red peppers and zucchini in a light curry cream sauce, served over rice pilaf  

Grilled Swordfish
Fresh grilled swordfish topped with a sun dried tomato corn relish, presented over fresh asparagus and served with a side of rice pilaf  

Fresh Broiled Haddock
Fresh Haddock filet broiled with lemon pepper butter

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