Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dinner Specials 4th May

Stuffed Mahi Mahi Mahi Mahi broiled in lemon and white wine, stuffed with spinach, crabmeat, feta and tomatoes, topped with a basil crab mornay sauce, served over fresh asparagus with a side of rice.  

Broccoli Mushroom Sea Scallops Anglio Olio Fresh sea scallops sautéed with broccoli, portobello, button and shiitake mushrooms tossed with pasta in a garlic oil parmesan sauce, dusted with asiago cheese.

Shrimp Primavera Pesto Jumbo shrimp sautéed with mushrooms and garden vegetables in a light pesto alfredo sauce tossed with pasta, served over pasta      

Stockyard Sirloin Steak Angus Reserve stockyard sirloin char grilled and seasoned to perfection, topped with balsamic glazed caramelized onions and melted asiago cheese served with a twice baked potato

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Tropical Jerk seasoned chicken breast sautéed in a garlic wine sauce, served over black bean muddy rice and topped with a mango lime salsa.

Fresh Broiled Haddock Fresh Haddock filet broiled with lemon pepper butter   

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