Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dinner Features for Tuesday August 19th

Stockyard Béarnaise                                                    

10 ounce beef stockyard sirloin steak char grilled to perfection and topped with sautéed mushrooms and sauce béarnaise, presented over bruschetta and served with a twice baked potato

Scallops & Crabmeat Marinara                                                        

Deep sea scallops sautéed with surimi crabmeat, mushrooms, peppers and onions in a fresh basil marinara served over pasta and finished with asiago

Roasted Red Pepper Shrimp                                                             

Black Tiger jumbo shrimp sautéed with fresh spinach, zucchini and tomatoes in a light roasted red pepper cream sauce served over pasta

Rosemary Salmon                                                                    

Fresh chef trimmed salmon filet broiled with fresh rosemary, shiitake mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and summer squash in a lemon white wine sauce, served with angel hair pasta

Chicken Piccata                                         

Boneless chicken breast sautéed with mushrooms, spinach, artichoke hearts and capers in a garlic wine sauce, served over pasta

Chicken French                                          

Boneless chicken breast dipped in egg batter and sautéed with fresh broccoli in lemon butter sherry wine sauce, served over pasta and finished with asiago cheese

Fresh Broiled Haddock                                                        

Fresh Haddock filet broiled with lemon pepper butter

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