Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Features - Feb 7

Beef Stockyard Ranchero                                                                 
Seasoned & grilled 10 oz. stockyard sirloin steak presented with a sauté of black beans and bacon with
Wild rice and a spicy ranchero sauce and bean puree.

Sea Scallops Pasta   
Sautéed Sea scallops with braised leeks and tomatoes over a garlic chili pasta.

Red Snapper Casino               
Pan- seared Scarlet Snapper baked with a casino style crust over rice pilaf with a lemon sherry sauce.

Irish Style Ahi Tuna    
Lightly marinated and grilled Ahi tuna steak served with Colcannon mashed potatoes and a Guinness reduction. 

Burgundy Vegetable Shrimp                                
Tiger shrimp sautéed with a roasted vegetable medley and fresh basil, tossed with pasta and a cracked pepper burgundy glaze.

 Macaroni & Cheese                                                                                                                      
Baked fresh herb crusted macaroni pasta, mixed with blended cheeses and jalapeno peppers.

Tuscan Chicken                   
Sautéed chicken and Italian sausage with spinach, garlic and white beans, tossed with pasta and a Chablis butter sauce, topped with asiago cheese.

Fish Fry         
Breaded or beer battered haddock

Fresh Broiled Haddock                                       

Fresh Haddock filet broiled with lemon pepper butter

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